Nursing Firsts, Seconds, Thirds.

First Chair Bedpan.
First Nurses Home.
First Public Health Program.
First Registrar in Canada.
First Steam Autoclave.
First X Ray.
First Nurses Exam.
Second President Nurses Association.
Second RN in Canada.
Third Oldest Nursing Alumni.
Third Oldest Nursing School.

Nurses Who Served, World War One.

Colonel Joan Fitzgerald.
Dalhousie Stationary Medical Unit.
Graduate Nurses of the Victoria General hospital.
Mona Wilson.
PEI Nurse Comforts John MacRae.

Oral Histories by Barbara Keddy Ph.D

Barbara Keddy's Story.
Florence Hamilton.
Maizie Langille.
Winnie Meadows.
Adelaide Munroe.
Commemorating 14 Canadian Nurses.

Articles by Gloria Stephens

Positive Initiatives from a Disastrous Explosion.
1917 – The Halifax Explosion and the VG Hospital.
Nursing Dolls Collection.
Suffrage Organization in Nova Scotia: Council of Women.
1918 Influenza Epidemic 100 Years Since.
Early Tuberculosis in Nova Scotia.
A Brief Story of the VON.
Pre-Nuclear Explosion and the Manhattan Project.
Sibella Annie Barrington.
Mona Louise Parsons.
Coltilda Yakimchuk.
Halifax Involvement With Queen Mary's Needlework Guild.
The Life of Margaret (MacCullum) MacDonald.
Display at Forrest Building.
Moose River Gold Mine Disaster.
Vignettes of Infectious Diseases in Nova Scotia.
Sister Simone Roach.
Leah Belleveau.
Jim and Edna Claydon Radiation Treatment Clinic.

Polio History

Polio Epidemic 1940.
First Polio Clinic.
Owen Robert Wier.
Greta Peppard.

Nurse's Stories

History of VON Pictou County.
A Nurse's Covid Story.
A Nova Scotia Nurse Honoured.
Dunbar Sisters.